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Why Cloudfitters

At Cloudfitters, we believe that Technology is an essential part of your online success in this competitive marketplace. As such, we’ve aligned our priorities to ensure every single customer or partner interacting with our team walks away with a compelling IT solution that FITS well for the success of their Business (and employees) today and for years to come. 

Who we are

Cloudfitters is a group of technology savvy engineers, architects,  builders, developers and designers whose very mission is to help Businesses achieve IT efficiency, Innovation across every aspect of their operations, all while reducing cost and IT  complexity. Simply put, we Fit your Workload on the Right Cloud . 


Field & Hands-on Experience

From inside Datacenters to on Premise hands on experience with anything IT related., our team has the exposure and experience you need.

Servers, Network Equipment & Devices

We own our infrastructure unlike the competition. This gives us the flexibility to get creative and be more cost effective

Strategic DC Presence

Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs, East Coast Ashburn, Va, New York,, West Cost Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles . Paris, France...

IT Projects Completed

Give us your technology headache in exchange for measurable results you've come to expect from a Technology company

Our Core Values

While technology has brought us together, we want our customers to understand that Cloudfitters core values are around ensuring fair treatment and mutual respect on a human level. At anytime during our interaction- if we find our interaction to not match our business culture & values  – we would respectfully decline your Business.

We value Humanity->


While we may build the best technology solution for your Business with the latest innovation, if we have no consideration for other humans, then we’ve failed miserably. We value key human virtues like  respect, acceptance, consideration, appreciation, listening, openness, affection, empathy and love towards for All. 

We value Transparency->


Business interaction without transparency leads to headaches we want to avoid at all cost. Being transparent is a value we always want to demonstrate by being open, honest and straightforward even if that means dealing with consequences. By doing so, we hope to build long and lasting relationships that will become the foundation of our success together.

We value Collaboration ->


More is better than one. We will not thrive without recognizing each other strengths. We will always take your opinions and feedback in consideration as we work together. Collaborating means listening, sharing and supporting each other’s ideas. Even if we tend to be the subject matter expert, we want it done with collaboration for the success of our solutioning.

We value Diversity->


The diversity seen in  our appearance, languages and cultures enriches our Team. We celebrate and embrace our diversity as it is the key to our success. Our team is made of Europeans, Africans and Americans. With such diversity, we’ve been able to exceed our clients needs and expectations. 

We value accountability->


We follow a culture of accountability and hold each member of our team accountable to their role and responsibilities. It’s an engaging force in which everyone is expected to perform well not only for their reputation but for the reputation of the company. By remaining accountable and open to constructive criticism, our overall performance has increased. 

Workforce Mobility with remote dekstop

We value Excellence->


Here at Cloudfitters, we tend to be perfectionist. We want our work to reflect our values. We will not stop short of perfection as we strive for excellence. Our work is our testament and we want our interactions to always be positive, productive and successful. By demonstrating such high standards in our service delivery, we’ve been able to strengthen our Business relationships with clients and partners. 

Fitting Together

The Right Cloud Matters

If there’s anything the cloud promises, it’s the ability to simplify, elevate and improve processes that would eventually give a face lift to any Business and its people.  How good is any Cloud if it’s not helping solve complexity. Cloudfitters is founded on a principle that every Business deserve the perfect fit on the cloud. With a cloud agnostic approach and a proprietary infrastructure geographically distributed, we help individual entrepreneurs, businesses and large  enterprises with their Fit.


Our Purpose

  Cloudfitters is here to help you take advantage of the best technology fit for your business. In order to make that happen, we get to know your business challenges and successes on a personal level. We then design and build scalable technology solutions to solve the challenges you’re facing today, as well as tomorrow — with ongoing management and optimization so you can focus on building new revenue streams, increasing efficiency and creating incredible customer experiences.

On a Mission

  With 20+ Years of Experience, our team is built with highly motivated and knowledgeable veteran cloud strategists, consultants, engineers and innovators. To reap the benefits of Technology, you need a well-connected, resourceful trusted partner with endless capabilities who understand your IT needs. Wherever your business takes you next, we want to be part of your journey.

Modern, Custom & High Value products for All of your Technology needs.

The strength of a company relies on its ability to provide options. Cloudfitters is proud to present a diversified portfolio constructed around demand and need of our customers. We wanted to provide our clients and prospects the ability to choose according to their current challenges or IT budget. As we continue to expand our portfolio, please feel free to provide feedback on how we can improve collectively. Every single service we provide can be customized and engineered to fit your specific workload. Our prices will remain fair and honest.



Explore our dedicated Servers. Customize and order any configuration

Private Cloud


Custom build your cloud. Remain secure with our single tenant infrastructiure

Virtual Private Servers


Grab a cost-effective virtual Server for quick access to the net or single workload hosting.

Colocation Space


Migrate to any datacenter of Choice and start reducing cost. Secure and compliant facilities

Residential ISP hosting


Host your server on a residential ISP network so that your traffic is also residential.

Remote Work Solutions


Empower your employees to work remotely using our RDP platform.

Managed IT Services


Retain Cloudfitters to maintain your existing infrastructure or modernize your IT

HIPAA compliant Hosting


Ensure compliance with our Hosting Services that include all the requirements needed.

Forex Trading VPS


Low latency, High performance Trading Servers for your Forex or Trading needs

Our clients have the last word...

100% guaranteed satisfaction

University of Chicago:Joel P

I needed Chicago-based hosting for low-latency media streaming, and Cloudfitters has exceeded my expectations. Support has responded to my questions, the hardware has been stable, and my clients report ping times as low as 3ms over fiber. I tried the same application hosted by V, but it was unusable by some clients due to high (100ms) latency. I hadn't heard of Cloudfitters before I signed up, but it was a good decision.

CEO Laksh Cybersecurity:Rahi P

Working with Cloudfitters IAAS services is arguably one of the best decisions we made in 2020. They have a great Net Ops team and friendly support, and the staff is very professional. They helped us build a core network in Ashburn, VA, in a matter of months, and we're doing better than ever. We'd highly recommend doing business with Cloudfitters!

Process One Consulting Solutions :Nawar Miri

This company offers a great product at fair value. Most importantly, they offer us amazing support that is virtually instant. I hope to grow with them and highly recommend working with them!

Share your vision with us, and we will develop an infrastrucure in line with your specific needs