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SSL Certificates

The Fast, Convenient, Reliable Way to Secure Your Website.

SSL Certificates we offer

Cloudfitters offers both Cheap standard and wildcard SSLs for Businesses with single or multiple websites.

ALPHASSL : $40.00 for 1 Year

WILDCARD Alpha SSL: 90.00 for 1 Year

AlphaSSL activates the essential "SSL secure" padlock in all popular browsers and mobile devices - this tells visitors they have a secure connection from their browser to your server. Strong 2048 bit root and capable of 256 bit encryption.


Same license cost $149 at GeoTrust $139 with Comodo

Domain SSL : $95.00 for 1 Year

Wildcard Domain SSL: 375.00 for 1 Year

To complete the validation, the domain owner must prove that they own the domain that was submitted with the order before issuance can occur. They are available in single, multi-domain, and wildcard SSL certificate options.


Same license cost $199 at Geotrust and other providers.

OrganizationSSL : $95 for 1 Year

Wildcsrd Org SSL: 300.00 for 1 Year
High assurance OrganizationSSL Certificates provide instant identity confirmation and strong SSL protection for your website.


ExtendedSSL : $300.00 for 1 Year

The ExtendedSSL (EV) Certificate provides the highest level of identity assurance and works as a guarantee that the organization behind the website, as well as the trusted third party validating the identity


Why you should get an SSL

SSL certificates protect the sensitive data transmitted from and to your website. Such information can be login details, signups, addresses and payment or personal information. Is your site protected?

Data protection

In a world full of hackers. an SSL provides strong 2048 bit root and 256 bit encryption of your web data. Even if intercepted, your data is rendered indecipherable making it impossible to read.

Trust and Identity

Before issuing an SSL Certificate, an authority (CA) has to verify your identity. By doing so, you signal to your user that they can trust your website with their personal data. A site without an identity verification can be deceitful.

PCI and HIPAA compliance

Any website engaged in collecting vital or card transactions is required by law to have an SSL certificate. PCI and HIPAA are highly regulated standards that SSL certificates help satisfy to avoid high fines and penalty on your organization.