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Helping Businesses make good use of the cloud by custom-building the right infrastructure to advance their mission.

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    Our result-driven Private Cloud Approach

    A private Cloud built in line with your workload
    High compute - Custom- Private

    Private Cloud Chicago

    Performance & Scalability

    Scale without resource limitations and meet the demand of your workload. Perform optimally on a consistent basis with a cloud architecture that promotes rapid elasticity as needed.

    Operational efficiency

    Go to market faster, collaborate better with innovative cloud apps for productivity across your Business. Our Private Cloud is always customized to fit our clients vision and business goals.

    Security & Compliance

    Separate your business from any public hosting and keep your organization isolated from vulnerabilities. Our solution offers total system lock down with rigorous security & compliance services.

    Why a Private Cloud Solution


    Bring all of your workload under one centralized environment for ease of management, scalability and agility. With a Private Cloud, all of your computing resources are readily available to admins and system engineers to make changes on the fly.

    Reduced Cost

    With virtualization, a single environment can be launched for multiple workload using multiple operating systems or software to support all of your IT needs. Gone are the days when a single server is intended to handle a specific job. This reduces CAPEX.
    Private Cloud Chicago security

    Security & Compliance

    Regardless of how great your public cloud solution is built, it will never come close to the level of security, privacy offered on a private cloud. Your sensitive data belongs on a purpose-built custom cloud fully dedicated to your organization.

    Increased Performance

    Run your business on the latest and greatest technology and gain better flexibility, resiliency and performance. We will help migrate your outdated environment to a modern infrastructure while minimizing business disruption.

    Infrastructure simplification & consolidation with our private cloud

    Included with every private cloud deployment

    Cloudfitters help enterprise clients with their Private Cloud Solution in Chicago

    1- Consolidation

    Your proprietary software, your email, your applications, your website, your file or database server under one cloud provider. Unify all of your IT for a more resilient and effective cloud environment.
    Consolidate Now
    Phioenix dedicated servers , Private Cloud

    3- Simplicity

    Keep everything simple with our Private Cloud solution. Leave the complexity to our experienced Cloud engineers whose goal is to explore and launch complex, hyperconverged environment or multi-cloud solution adoption as needed.
    Keep it simple

    2- Predictable billing

    Get rid of hourly billing with hidden nickel and diming on resource usage. Know your firm monthly charges for the life of your contract with Cloudfitters. Nobody likes surprises.
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    Data Portability and Cost effectiveness

    Avoid restructuring  your current workload and come with the same exact setup as before. We will improve it while reducing cost.  Stop and get us involved for a full analysis on performance, security and overall relevancy of the infrastructure.  Start benefiting from your cloud initiatives today. 

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    Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

    Private Cloud disaster recovery


    Build a resilient business structure. With a Private Cloud, you can replicate your on-premise critical data to the Cloud  in the event of a disaster.  We can even include a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in case your employees need to access data remotely.  Tell us what you need and we will handle the rest. 

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    Meet Security and Compliance requirements

    Private Cloud compliance and Security

    Public cloud is not going to provide the level of privacy and security needed to ensure full compliance.  Yes, it's cheap and on-demand, but it's NOT the best environment for critical and private workload. A breach on such Infrastructure may cripple your business and its reputation for good.  We take a security-first approach when building your Private cloud.

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    Private Cloud Configurations

    High availability- Unlimited Vms- Backups- Disaster Recovery
    KVM-based ProxmoxVE estimates only using Dual Proc multicore physical servers: E5-2600 Series

    3 Nodes Private Cloud

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    • 56 Physical Cores
    • 5 TB Redundant SAN Storage
    • 256 GB RAM
    • Unlimited Linux or Windows VMs
    • 50 TB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Chicago, IL | East or West Coast

    4 Nodes Private Cloud

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    • 84 Physical Cores
    • 5 TB Redundant SAN Storage
    • 384 GB RAM
    • Unlimited Linux or Windows VMs
    • 100 TB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Chicago, IL | East or West Coast

    5 Nodes Private Cloud

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    • 140 Physical Cores
    • 10 TB Redundant SAN Storage
    • 640 GB RAM
    • Unlimited Linux or Windows VMs
    • 100 TB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Chicago, IL | East or West Coast

    Built on Trusted Virtualization framework

    Our Private Cloud solution is designed and built from the ground up for single-tenancy. From the hardware selection to software and modules, we intentionally integrate core technologies that are aligned with your overall business culture and goals. Our solution architects are trained in multiple virtualization framework such as VmWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack, Proxmox VE and will always get your workload on the right infrastructure for success. Let's sit and talk.
    Managed IT Services

    What we do for our Clients

    Migration - Security - Customization

    Multiple Operating Systems are supported

    We Migrate

    Cloudfitters will help your business migrate away from old legacy environment to your own private, high availability and redundant infrastructure. Get in touch with our team for a free discovery session.
    Dedicated servers built to outperform

    We Secure

    Before your solution is even built, our engineering team pre-plans an architecture design that includes access restrictions, network segmentation and isolations. We then leverage our enterprise suite of security services to deploy your secure environment.
    Security at the core of our dedicated server hosting

    We Customize

    Customization is the name of the game. We want our clients to be on a platform specifically designed for their business. Not all clouds fit all, therefore we take the time to craft a solution to address their unique challenges within their specific vertical.

    Private Cloud: Questions and Answers

    What's a Private Cloud? 

    What’s a Private Cloud? 

    Our definition of Private Cloud is a  purpose-built cloud infrastructure dedicated to one single entity or organization. In other words, this specific cloud environment exists for the sole purpose of running  workloads, applications or services for the company it was built for. The 3 Key characteristics of our private cloud include: 

    •   Virtualization with an hypervisor (Vmware esxi,Citrix xen, HyperV, proxmox, etc)
    •   Cluster built on multiple host or hardware 
    •   Resource pooling and sharing across all devices 

    Using virtualization to create multiple simulated environments or isolated dedicated resources from a single physical server is not a private cloud. A cluster has to exist. Segmenting a public cloud offering via firewall to create a sense of privacy is not a private cloud neither.  

     Cloudfitters ‘ s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is designed and built from the ground up for single-tenant occupancy on a cluster of dedicated servers. Businesses that cannot compromise on data security choose private cloud solutions. As a multi-cloud solution provider, we’ve expanded our expertise by being  hypervisor agnostic: VMware ESXi, ProxmoxVE, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V are available.

    Hypervisors used by Cloudfitters for Private Cloud

    Why is Private Cloud the best Solution for meeting HIPAA and PCI compliance?
      • Compliance and security requirements are a key reason why an organization would opt for a private cloud solution. In order to meet such requirements, it’s advised to separate your server roles : Dev, web, database, files. When all services are on a single node or server with no virtual or physical separation, companies run the risk of impacting their entire infrastructure and operation when attacked. By creating such segregation, specific issues can be addressed and contained without disrupting the entire production environment.

      • Every compliance comes with a checklist of items that need to be verified: logs, backups, data encryption, data integrity, server security. When it comes time to be audited, companies have to show proof of compliance. The public cloud as we know It, is not a preferred platform to achieve true compliance because it simply lacks the level of granular and specific identity policy for your business. Cutting corners and taking a gamble can turn into an expensive mistake. A good organization should always take the extra step into protecting sensitive data .

    • Security and privacy is another reason a private cloud is preferred over a public cloud. While many public cloud providers try so hard to achieve the same architecture as private, we still doubt their ability to give full access control and complete isolation from what was built for everyone. Cloudfitters’ private cloud follows strict guidelines to meet your IT Compliance and security hosting requirements
    Who is Private Cloud best Suited for?

    Private Cloud is for any business (small, medium or large) looking to have more control over various departments while keeping their data secure with increased performance. While public clouds are great a starting point for most businesses, it does not always provide the resources or customization needed. We’ve found that private cloud solutions are well suited for:


    • Data and workloads with high security requirements

    • Mission-critical business applications

    • Compliance regulations : HIPAA

    • Large workforce with multiple departments and locations

    • Applications that require high performance
    • Need to consolidate datacenters & applicationvendors
    • If offering Infrastructure as a Service or Software as a Service

    • Test & Development environments

    • Disaster Recovery Solutions