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Managed IT Services

We manage your IT Infrastructure, so you can focus on growing your business. Our Chicago Managed IT Services is for Local, National and International businesses looking to advance their Mission though IT efficiency and resiliency.

  + Innovative Technology experts
  + IT Solution design and implementation
  + End point support and Management
  + 24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring
  + On site , In person & On-call IT support
  + Cost Saving IT Solution alternatives

A different approach to Success

it all starts with the IT infrastructure that supports your Business

Why our Managed IT Services

Custom Infrastructure

We will design, build & manage your infrastructure from the ground up

Full coverage

24/7 coverage in person, by phone or online within your designated SLA, RPO, RTO

Innovative Solutions

Give your infrastructure a new face with the latest and greatest. Innovate

On premise

If moving to the cloud is not an option, we can manage your existing infrastructure

Save Money

With a stable IT environment, you start eliminating and removing irrelevant money wasters

Strong Security

Gain better privacy and security by design with our network. Meet your compliance requirements

Focus areas of our Managed Services.

Design & Implementation - Support - Security - Moderinzation

1 - Design & Implementation

After a successful assessment , we get involved from the hardware selection, the design and implementation of your services.
Scalable phoenix and chicago dedicated servers

2 - Infrastructure Modernization

Now that your infrastructure is in place, our managed Services look for ways to modernize it. We prepare for what's next through strategic planning and innovation.
Phoenix dedicated servers

3 - Infrastructure Security Management

Our managed services includes installing preventative measures to deny unauthorized access, modification, deletion, and theft of our client's resources and data.

What's included in our Managed Services?

Complete Coverage Managed Services




Business Continuity
Dedicated Servers Wide Area Networks Virtualization services Backups and Replication
Workstations Local Area Networks Custom Cloud solutions Security Management
Laptops Virtual Private Networks Server clusters Disaster recovery
Mobile devices vLANS Storage Solutions 24/7 Management and monitoring
Routers and switches IP Transit services High availability Security services
Printers Fiber cross-connects Replication Services Virus protection

Benefits of our Managed Services

A beneficial partnership

An extension of your Team

The lack of resources (human and financial) in an ever-changing IT ecosystem should be a reason to team up with Cloudfitters. When you partner with us, we automatically become an extension of your workforce with a reliable 24/7/365 presence.

We Save you Money

In average, our clients report saving up to 40% on their technology budget.This is possible because we provide our clients with options to choose from as opposed to forcing a fit. Pick and choose which part of your infrastructure you want us to handle.

Emerging Technologies

Our team has an expert level knowledge and agility to implement cutting-edge technologies that drive performance across your business processes. We remain well educated on the latest Technology on the market in order to serve you efficiently.

Preventative, Proactive &

Waiting for disaster to strike before finding a solution can impede business growth.

Endpoints forensics

We monitor & protect your local Network, your laptops, computers mobile devices

Cloud Migrations

We help you move both legacy and new workload or application to the cloud.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

Backups and Disaster Recovery solutions are available for your valuable assets.

Start Solving your Toughest IT Challenges Today

Get a custom infrastructure
Migration assistance from any provider
End-to-end solution management
24/7/365 assistance and support
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Proactive Monitoring Services Included:

24/7 Hands on monitoring of all endpoint devices  (Workstations, laptops, mobile devices)

Traffic and network bandwidth monitoring

SMTP Email server monitoring

Servers, applications and network Resource Monitoring

Compliance based monitoring to ensure overall infrastructure safety

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FAQ about Managed IT Services

What Security services are included with your Managed Services

Managed Services should always be about providing hands-on , proactive and relevant solution monitoring. With such an active approach, we are 100% sure to keep your core business application up to date while applying preventative measures to avoid any future security holes.

    • Access Control: The prevention of unauthorized users and devices from accessing the network.
    • Application Security: Security measures placed on hardware and software to lock down potential vulnerabilities.
    • Firewalls: Gatekeeping devices that can allow or prevent specific traffic from entering or leaving the network.
    • Virtual Private Networks (VPN): VPNs encrypt connections between endpoints creating a secure “tunnel” of communications over the internet.


What should we expect when we choose Cloudfitters Managed Services?

Expect the best support you’ve ever received from any company.

  • 24/7/365 hands and eyes-on support.
  • OS and relevant Software updated and patched.
  • Advanced ports and workload monitoring.
  • Insightful and proactive Network monitoring.
  • Fully Managed incremental backups.
  • Firewall and malware installed with intrusion detection
  • 100% Uptime guaranteed backed by SLA.
  • 1-2 Hrs hardware replacement (If renting from us).
  • Penetration testing and Scanning for HIPAA and PCI(On demand).