Shared server starter

Wordpress Starter Plan

High Performance Wordpress Hosting

High performance Wordpress

Built on Enterprise grade servers.

100% Uptime backed by SLA.

Full root access

1 Dedicated IP

24/7/365 support availability.

Choice of Linux Or Windows OS

SSD-based SAN Storage


Shared server starter


Server Locations

SHARED HOSTING : Starter Plan * 

50 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Domains or websites
Cpanel Control Panel included FREE
Wordpress Ready
SSL Certificate


Operating System

cPanel License

Additional IP Addresses

Managed Backups

Website Security


Automated domain Scanner with Cleanup

Advanced WAF with Machine-Learning Ruleset

Intrusion Detection and Protection

Proactive Defense for PHP Websites

Software Patch Management

Setup Notes

Protect your domain for 1 Year with a Trusted provider. Please provide your domain name in the setup notes below

Product Details

Securely Hosted

Our servers are hosted in state of the art datacenters with rigorous security posture and compliance certifications.

Fair pricing

Get the highest grade servers at a fraction of the cost compared to our competition.

Reliable Network

We offer an SLA backed 100% Uptime on our network protected with free 40 Gbps DDoS protection

24/7/365 Support

24/7/365 presence with quick support response from a team of seasoned engineers.