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Fitting Process

Prepare For Your Cloud Success

We believe that your cloud journey to success should begin with a well thought-out process. In order to fit the correct workload on the right cloud environment, our structured methodology will guide us in the right direction. We listen to your story, we also tell you our story on how we’ve succeeded in designing, implementing and managing the perfect fit for other companies just like you.


Comprehensive and in-depth analysis of your current state of technology

Solution Design

Expert Cloud Solution Architects match your workload with both a cloud platform and hypervisor to design a solution in line with your vetted requirements.


Our team then put in place the infrastructure: compute, network, storage environment dedicated to your company.


In depth demonstration and showcase of the solution put in place.


Ongoing management and support of the infrastructure for the life of your services by default.

Quarterly Review

Scheduled quarterly review to ensure satisfaction and capture changes within your organization that may or may not result into re-fitting.