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Cloud Services

Practical, purpose-built cloud services to improve and add value across every part of your business. Discover and embrace a better way to agility with our Cloud Services..

Single Tenant Private Cloud

Private, custom built to address your Business needs. Modern enterprises that value security, privacy and high performance.
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Chicago Virtual Private Servers

In Chicago, we offer prebuilt private virtual private servers. These virtual private servers provide dedicated resources with isolation for better security.
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Ashburn Virtual Private Servers

In Ashburn, we offer an enterprise grade VPS in compliant datacenters. You can connect at 10 gbps network with low latency everywhere
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Trading VPS

Cloudfitters Trading VPS is built on a High-availability cluster of server nodes sharing resources to provide a fault tolerant platform.
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Remote Desktop Services

User based remote desktop environment for Business looking to setup remote work solution for mobility.
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Cloud Migration Services

Cloudfitters provide Migration services for companies looking to modernize their IT infrastructure environment.

Residential ISP VPS

Your VPS is directly connected to a residential ISP Network which turn your server into a residential connection using our assigned IPs
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Residential ISP RDP

Enjoy your VPS with Remote Desktop hosted on a residential Network. We provide your IP and server
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Cloud Provider Solution

Cloud provider enablement with a custom built infrastructure to help launch your hosting dream.
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