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Custom Cloud Services

  • Connect with your customers anywhere.
  • Serve content closer to end users.
  • Compute, Network and Storage Services.
  • Consistent and Reliable.

Custom Cloud Services

Sometimes, off the shelf cloud infrastructure may not be the solution for your organization. It's easy to go out and buy a pre-existing cloud platform and hope that it will be the right fit. The hyperscalers appear attractive at first until cost becomes prohibitive, support is non-existent, and the security of your environment is questionable. IF making the proper IT decisions for the best interest of your business is your priority, then it warrants a thorough assessment before commitment. The best cloud solution fit for your business may simply need to be built from scratch.
Multicloud approach to solving IT challenges

What we’ve done for other companies

  • Create an Hybrid Cloud infrastructure by connecting your current environment (On premise or in a Datacenter) to our Custom Cloud solution.
  • Create a Disaster Recovery solution away from your current infrastructure and ensure that they are in sync and ready for Disaster.
  • Host your websites, your applications, databases or files with a global reach.
  • Create a Remote Work Solution for your business.
  • Build a secure and compliant Cloud solution according to your organization's security Standards: HiPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC, FISMA.

Tell us more about your needs

If it’s a good fit on AWS we will move forward. If not, we can customize a solution that fit. Fill up the form and we will schedule a free session to evaluate your needs.