Why Colocation?

Connect and Interconnect

Gain direct physical connectivity right at the edge for low latency and high availability to the partner of choice. Choose Cloud, Storage or any Network beneficial to your organization.

Workload security

Your office is not a Datacenter. Move your data to a controlled and secure environment to satisfy compliance while improving workload performance.

Save money

By migrating your existing hardware to a datacenter, you save by not investing into new hardware. Simply pay for space, power and network.

Disaster Recovery

Select a disaster recovery location away from your current production environment. In the event of a disaster your colocation site becomes your backbone for business continuity.

Our Colocation Packages

Explore the best option for your Business

Regardless of the size of your project, Cloudfitters can find the right space and network connectivity needed in our Chicago datacenters. We offer Full rack/ cabinet, custom cages or partial rack space (1 to 10 U) with redundant & high power density 110V, 120V or 208V .


Dedicated Cages

Our colocation cages are made out of metal mesh walls built around a group of racks or cabinets dedicated to a single customer. As all colocation needs are unique, custom cage configurations are built to suit your requirements. Each cage is equipped with a standard key lock or card reader. You can also upgrade to biometric readers as well as install cameras for enhanced security. Great fit for compliance.

•  Our dedicated cages Colocation Space are available in: Chicago, IL,
Jacksonville, FL;Los Angles, CA, Ashburn, VA; New York, NY; Houston, TX
and many more major cities in the U.S and Canada.
•  Major International cities in Europe, Asia, South America and more


1U, Half or Quarter Rack Colo

Cloudfitters is flexible when it comes to Colocation. if needing a Half, quarter or a single server Colocation, we are happy to accommodate such demand. We will gladly accept your equipment and connect them according to your instructions.

•  Starting as low as  $49.00 per month

•  Our Half, quarter rack or single server Colocation Space are available in: Chicago, IL,
Jacksonville, FL;Los Angles, CA, Ashburn, VA; New York, NY; Houston, TX
and many more major cities in the U.S and Canada.
•  Major International cities in Europe, Asia, South America and more

Half rack-Quarter Rack -single server Colocation

Included with our Colocation Services

Phoenix dedicated servers high availability

Around the Clock presence

24/7 On site presence with support availability by phone. Visit the facility with no restriction anytime, any day.

Remote hands availability

We provide free basic remote hands. Call us and let us know what you need done. If it doesn't' require having to open the server, it's free.

Highest Security

Physical security with around the clock cameras, in person check-in, biometrics & proximity card readers. Certified & Compliant
phoenix dedicated servers loadbalancing

Reliable Network

We provide each one of our clients a blend of top tier bandwidth with a 100% Uptime guarantee

High density

Each one of our datacenters provides redundant and consistent high power electricity for your appliances. Choose 120 to 208+ volts,
dedicated servers in phoenix, loadbalancing


Inside our datacenters, our customers can choose to connect to any Cloud, Storage or Application provider on site for a quicker result.

Our Datacenter Partners

World Class Facilities with Unrivaled Peering and connectivity

Chicago Colocation local SEO

SBA Edge Chicago Data Center

Equinix Datacenters

Cloudfitters partners with Coresite for Colocation Services

Coresite Datacenters

Chicago colocation Service

Connect globally, reach end-users faster

Take advantage of our centrally located Datacenters in Chicago to quickly connect to your end-users as if you were local.


Major US Cities

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago,IL and Metro area, Culpeper, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, FL; Jacksonville, FL, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Silicon, Valley, Ashburn, Va; Sillicon Valley, Denver, CO; New York, NY; Boston, MA; Los Angeles, CA; Ashburn, VA ; Washington DC and metro

Canada and South America

Canada: Toronto; Calgary Kamloops, Montreal, Ottawa, Saint John, Vancouver, Winnipeg Mexico: Mexico City, Monterrey Brazil : Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo Osaka, Japan; Colombia : Bogotá

Europe #1

Bulgaria: Sofia / Finland: Helsinki / France: Paris /Germany: Dusseldorf Frankfurt Hamburg Munich/ Ireland: Dublin/ Italy: Milan /Netherlands: Amsterdam Enschede Zwolle /Oman: Muscat /

Europe # 2

Poland: Warsaw /Portugal: Lisbon /Spain: Barcelona Madrid Seville/ Sweden: Stockholm /Switzerland: Geneva Zurich /Turkey: Istanbul/ UAE: Abu Dhabi Dubai /United Kingdom: London Manchester

Why Clients partner with Cloudfitters?

Pre-arranged cost effective & Priority space allocation
Ability to offer partial rack space.
Gain a global footprint
Robust power density options
HIPAA, PCI, SOC2, ISO, FISMA certified Datacenters
100% Uptime SLA-backed
Inter-connectivity to cloud, Network providers or partners
24/7 on site presence
Logged and verified visits with biometrics
Dedicated account Manager

Colocation FAQs

Why choose Colocation?

Owning and operating a Datacenter simply cost millions. Unless you have a strong business case for owning one, most companies choose to colocate (rent space) from providers who have such business model. As result, many of our clients find it cost-effective and secure to outsource. In fact, with an increase for working remote for employees, a centralized environment to host all of your core business applications makes sense. We’ve compiled few key reasons why colocation would make sense:


1- Your office is not a datacenter :

For optimal performance, your servers and network devices need to have proper cooling,  redundant power and network connectivity. In a datacenter, uptime is set to 99-100% because they offer uninterruptible power supply (UPS), emergency backup generators  and HVAC System to ensure stability & reliability even in the face of natural disasters. Redundancies also allow the colocation provider to perform maintenance without taking a single customer offline.



2- Compliance and Security:

Compliance has become a centerpiece of data planning. In the financial and health care verticals especially, it is exceedingly expensive to maintain compliant in-house data centers. Using a commercial colocation data center facility enables organizations to more easily and cost effectively maintain compliance with ever-changing federal regulations and industry standards. Many colocation facilities adhere to the specific administrative, physical, and technical safeguards set by the HITECH Act and are HIPAA compliant or PCI compliant. Most of these facilities have 24/7/365 in person security, restricted access etc…


3- Disaster Recovery :

Having a primary Datacenter is great, but what are your plans if it goes down?  Colocation facilities allow customers to colocate servers for disaster recovery replication or leverage additional disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) offerings from the data center provider. We work with our customer to make this a reality.


What's the meaning of Colocation?

What is Colocation?

Colocation or “colo” is the practice of renting space from a third party datacenter to host your servers or other computing devices. In a colocation setting, businesses are provided with networking, physical security, redundant power and redundant cooling. We have a strong partnership with both local Chicago datacenters, the continental U.S and abroad. If looking for Private Cages, Full Rack/Cabinet, Half Rack or single server colocation, we can help. We get involved from the hardware shipping or procurement process to the time your servers are connected and online.

Can I connect my on premise devices to a Datacenter?

If moving your services to a Datacenter is not an option for your company, we can still help with getting a dedicated private connectivity to your office(s). This is a Direct Internet Access (DIA) coming directly from our providers with connection speed ranging from as low as 50 mbps to up to 150 Gbps. We currently offer:


Traffic from an ISP or customer network to the Transit Provider Network.


Uninterrupted direct connection between your on premise infrastructure and datacenter.


Direct private connection to your cloud provider : AWS, GOOGLE CLOUD or AZURE

Why choose a Private Cage Colocation Space?

Choosing private cage data center colocation ensures that the highest level of security protects your resources. Only IT professionals from within your organization and technicians at the data center in question will be able to access those private cages – no other client will have access to your valuable equipment. Private suites also provide more flexible cooling options. Instead of taking the needs of multiple clients into consideration, a data center can customize the cooling options for the cages within the suite to the exact specifications that are needed for your servers.